Imgur’s VP of product and engineering shares ways to keep development teams on track to bring product visions to life.

Likely one of your company’s most valuable resources, your engineering team works hard to bring your product vision to life by building new features, adding crucial functionality, improving UX/UI, and more.

Understanding, respecting, and prioritizing your engineers’ time is paramount to keeping your product progressing. …

Here are five top myths (and truths) product managers should know to build a competitive and secure messaging solution.

Messaging, whether it be through SMS/MMS text messages, email, or a messaging app, is a core way humans communicate with each other worldwide. According to CTIA, a trade association for the U.S. wireless communications industry, Americans sent 2.1 trillion SMS text messages in 2019, up 52 billion from the year prior; WhatsApp was delivering 100 billion messages per day by the end of 2020.

With more messages being sent than ever before, bad actors such as hackers, cybersecurity criminals, unethical companies…

Uber’s Senior Product Manager Divya Anand shares her Pixar-inspired storytelling tips to improve product strategy, share compelling customer journeys, and earn stakeholder buy-in.

Photo: Pixar

Whether you are presenting your three-year product vision to investors or writing a product requirement document (PRD) for your company’s engineering team, a significant part of a product manager’s role is outlining the “what,” “why,” “how,” and “so what?” of product development. In addition to being researchers, interviewers, market analysts, and strategists, successful product managers are also storytellers.

“Ultimately, what you’re trying to do with your work is tell a story or sell an idea…

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